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Very cool and addictive game (even though the plumber sometimes "stomps" on you while he's moving upwards)

The music fits well, and I really liked the fact there are different enemies you can play with, each one with their unique abilities.

Nice work, this stalker plumber needs to be stopped!

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This really has potential to be a better game, in my opinion. But it has too many flaws:

Ironically, this is way too easy and short to a game that has "hard" in its title. I think the difficult can be improved by adding different types of ghosts (for example, one that keeps following you or try to shoot you), making the dots further from each other, and maybe increasing the size of the levels.

Also, you don't even have to eat all the dots to complete a level, all you have to do is eat the last one. Please fix this glitch, otherwise it will be almost impossible to make a cool game since you can cheat very easily.

In short, this could be a really great game by making it harder, creating more and longer levels and fixing the glitch I've mentioned before.

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The game is kinda fun but it's kinda glitchy too. :|

The ball often gets stuck between the pink blocks, because they are not always broken when hit by the ball. Sometimes it even gets stuck in the game's "ceiling", which makes it impossible to win unless you refresh the page and try to play again.

Also, try to work a little more on the game's physics (for example. change the ball direction based on where the ball hits the player, and not randomly), visuals and maybe add some sound effects.

It has a good music and it's easy to control, though.

Very nice game, good graphics and music. The gameplay is unique and addicting.

The bosses are too repetitive, though, I think they should vary more in each level. And a way to recover lives would be cool!

Really nice and addicting game, the gameplay is unique and very interesting. The graphics are good and the music fits pretty well in this game!

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