Working on my first multiplayer game!

2015-06-27 11:40:05 by ThalesQwerty

Hello, guys!

I'm working on my first real-time multiplayer game, it's an online version of Asteroids! You can play with 1, 2 or 3 friends (or enemies). The game's objective is to shoot asteroids at other ships until they leave game screen.


  • Up arrow to move ship foward
  • Down arrow to move ship backward
  • Left arrow to rotate counter-clockwise
  • Right arrow to rotate clockwise
  • Space bar to shoot an asteroid

How to play:

  • Always keep your ship on the game screen, if it leave the game screen you'll die
  • Try to make the other players' ships leave the screen by shooting asteroids at them
  • Dodge the asteroids that your opponents shoot at you
  • Once in a while, there will appear some powerups, try to be the first to collect them to gain advantage
  • Last standing ship wins!

But before publishing it in here, I would like some people to test it, to ensure there'll be no bugs and glitches. Also, I want to add some features like chat, ranks, private games and rematch button.

You can test it here: